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Louise with L and A_edited_edited
Louise as mouse
Louise with rabbit man in Avignon
Brothbone and McSmelly - about us
Brothbone and McSmelly
Louise with Liza and Alfie
Louise with Babushka
Louise and Georgia Halloween cats

Louise wrote and illustrated the Brothbone and McSmelly cartoon book series to delight and entertain Georgia over many years. The idea came to her that Georgia’s dogs, Darcy and Liza were in fact ‘under-the-covers’ SPIES working for the CIA (Canines Investigation Arseholes)! Their mission is to help protect the SMS (Scent Messaging System) of dogs everywhere from being infiltrated by humans. In their adventures, Darcy Brothbone and her dubiously helpful companion Liza McSmelly journey to many destinations and meet strange characters in their missions. Many bad puns, crazy wordplays and hysterical outfits later, the stories are now being released for the enjoyment of animal loving grown ups everywhere.

We are passionate about educating pet owners about the physical, social and emotional needs of their animal companions.  The ebook series and educational website are designed to tickle the imaginations of humans, and through education, enhance the richness of the lives of their pets.

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