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Forever loved, this plucky Terrier-cross had a specific love for and loyalty to Spalding High Bounce Balls.  She was an agility champion, and loved being fast and without fault for her beloved human Georgia. Now happily completing agility courses in the sky, Darcy crossed the rainbow bridge in 2013.  This has not stopped her continuing to star in the cartoons as the brave and clever Darcy Brothbone. As Darcy was so loyal, obedient and trustworthy, Georgia took her into many Kindergartens to educate children about staying safe around dogs.


Irresistibly cute, Liza the “Yorkie-Hua-Pugeranian” shines with exuberant fun loving enthusiasm for life.  Never wanting to miss out, she likes to be part of any adventure on offer.  Holding her curly tail aloft as a flag, Liza can often be seen as a little orange dot running in the distance.  Despite being portrayed as a bit ‘ditzy’ as Liza McSmelly in the cartoons, she is actually very clever and quick to demonstrate her tricks on command.

Despite her gorgeous “lap dog” appearance, she is a wild girl at heart.  She loves to chase rabbits, and kangaroos through the most challenging of obstacles.   Liza always does her best.. but not always what is expected! 


Alfie joined our fur family when he was 8 years old.  This Lab/Staffy cross Maltese/Shih tzu spent 4 years in Monika’s Doggie rescue being rehabilitated from years of neglect and skin problems.  He has flourished since being adopted by Georgia, and adores running on the beach and meeting new doggie friends. This spritely old gentleman loves to explore anywhere WITHOUT prickles, but his favourite place is on the lounge. 


Affectionate and quirky cat Nutmeg and her sister Cinnamon came to live with us after being abandoned in a cemetery.  Despite this, Nutmeg is confident and enthusiastically greets visitors to her home.  She is characterized by her orange nose stripe.  Mottled with black, ginger and white fur, her two typical pastimes are lying around in the sun (or under a bush), and eating!


Nutmeg loves FOOD.. and will easily meow herself into a second breakfast from any unsuspecting human.  She may be found luxuriating and all manner of strange places, and also likes to go walking around the district with her dogs in uncharacteristic bursts of activity.  Nutmeg has her own section in the Brothbone and McSmelly website, called NUTTY'S NIBBLES where she gives tips to felines on staying fat and lazy!

He is developing a reputation of being able to eat almost anything, hence his character Prof. Alfie Doo in the ebook series is described as a “Paleogastronomist” (eater of all things dead and decomposing).

Cinnamon is like no other cat.  She appears to have an identity crisis except it doesn't bother her at all.  Obviously containing elements of otter and meerkat, she spends her day in imaginary games with ‘spirit folk’ in the garden!  She loves her humans but shy with strange people.  Nothing is normal about this tortoiseshell kitty.    Cinny loves to attack bathmats, dirty underwear and human elbows when they are pouring cat biccies!


Cinny loves to attack bathmats, dirty underwear and human elbows when they are pouring cat biccies! Her favourite playmate is Liza, and despite being small with tiny front legs, Cinny can hold her own in their enthusiastic games.  Cinnamon is not adverse to the thrill of ambushing her sister sleeping in the sunshine.

Rosey - Brothbone and McSmelly
ROSEY (with her human Mari)

Rosey is Mari's right-paw, her saus-sider and best friend. Rosey meets and greets all Mari's clients at "Mari's Dog Walking" and rides shotgun up front of the van. Rosey appears as Kennel Sanders' secretary in Book 1: Tails of the CIA.

Barnabus - Brothbone and McSmelly
BARNABUS (his human is Stew)

Apart from must being handsome like his human, Stew, Barnabus likes to carry his own pillow with him so he always has a place for his head. Barnabus features as a patient in hospital at Dr Livingbone's outpost. He accidentally gets "defurred" and is sent to the "refurral" clinic to get his coat back! Don't worry he's ok in the story and great in real life! 

CHEZZABEL (her humans are the Lawsons)

Chezza is a cherished Jersey cow who loves to lick her humans like a dog. She has a huge rough tongue so it's best if you are wearing long pants to protect your skin from her amorous slurps. Chezza first features in Book 1: Tails of the CIA as herself.

KELLIE  (her humans are the Lawsons)

Kellie loves to be cuddled and gets excited when she sees a bucket, assuming it is full of food. Kellie first features in Book 1: Tails of the CIA as herself.

SNOWFLAKE, ROSEMARY, MANGO, MANGO AND MANGO  (their humans are the Lawsons)

Just before we published these darlings (except for one Mango) had their last scratch in the dirt and died of old age. Thank you for your cuddles, bug removal and eggs girls. These chickens first appear in Book 1: Tails of the CIA; we find them meditating in the coop.

Cooper - Brothbone and McSmelly
COOPER  (his humans are Lynne and Marilyn)

Deciding to live with Lynn and Marilynne was Cooper's best idea ever. There he has found the greatest love and security. He quickly became known for his ability to produce the biggest, stinkiest farts.

Cooper appears as a Gas Giant in Book 3: Journey to Sniff Uranus.

Ramsey - Brothbone and McSmelly
RAMSEY  (his human is Karyn)

Ramsey is Karen's beloved boy who takes every opportunity to pursue his favourite chasing! Luckily his human doesn't mind him coming back home soaking wet. You'll see Ramsey appearing in Book 3: Journey to Sniff Uranus.

Ramsey cartoon - Brothbone and McSmelly
Ramsey cartoon - Brothbone and McSmelly
Rosey cartoon - Brothbone and McSmelly
Barnabus cartoon - Brothbone and McSmelly
Cooper cartoon - Brothbone and McSmelly
Jerry - Brothbone and McSmelly
Jerry cartoon - Brothbone and McSmelly
JERRY  (his human is Emma)

Jerry is such a character in real life! Playful and sometimes shy until he gets to know you - he is a darling little guy who loves to fetch his ball and he's Emma's dear friend.

Josie - Brothbone and McSmelly
JOSIE (her human is Juniper)
Josie cartoon - Brothbone and McSmelly

Studying Juniper as she creates her magnificent artworks is a hobby that this cute feline does to purrfection - from the comfort of her bed. You'll see Josie appearing in Book 2: Dr Livingbone I Presume?

Krashman - Brothbone and McSmelly
KRASHMAN (his human is Lily)

The Krashman is beloved and devoted companion of Lily. This handsome fellow is her resident food tester, garden design consultant and general lifestyle coach. Umm pay rise please - more treats. You'll see Krashman appearing in Book 2: Dr Livingbone I Presume?


The first time you won't see Pissoffski is in Book 1: Tails of the CIA. 

Tinkerbelle - Brothbone and McSmelly
(her human is Bren)
Tinkerbelle cartoon - Brothbone and McSmelly

Being adorable and adored by Bren and Dave is Miss Tinkerbelle Angelwings Fluffybutt. She likes to sleep in warm folded washing.. You'll meet her in Book 2: Dr Livingbone I Presume? 

Toblerone (Toby) - Brothbone and McSmelly
(his humans are the Lawsons)

Toby is a funny puss.. he walks like a tough dude but if he sees even a little dog he is terrified. He is very kind to the chooks though. We love him. Toby first features in in Book 2: Dr Livingbone I Presume? 

Toblerone (Toby) cartoon - Brothbone and McSmelly
Roger - Brothbone and McSmelly
ROGER (his human is Karyn)

Roger is the most chilled cat ever. Nothing and no-one bothers or messes with Rog. His is a bit like "The Fonz". He appears as a "catalyst" in the Oderite factory in Book 2: Dr Livingbone I Presume? 

Roger cartoon - Brothbone and McSmelly
Krashman cartoon - Brothbone and McSmelly

Patti is such a dear little soul. Adding her quirky and unique perspective to everything she encounters brings mirth and joy to her human Al. See Patti in Book 4: Small Medium at Large.

PATTI (her human is Alison)
TEDDI (her humans are Chrissy and Lisa)
KIY (his human is Samantha)

Kiy is a sensitive boy with translucent skin you can see through in parts! He is dearly loved by Sam and Richard and is a friend to Lily. You can see Kiy working at Mission Control in book 3: Journey to Sniff Uranus.

SUKI (her human is Tammy )
(his humans are Linda and Julie)
IZZY (her human is Wendy)

When he is not racing around Norbert the wonder bunny delights in cuddles from his family and had just fathered some babies too. You will see Norbert in Book 4: A Small Medium at Large.

Life is always busy for this sweet little girl as her human, Wendy, of "Wendy Jane's Kitchen" needs constant tasting advice as she creates her culinary delights. You will see Izzy in Book 4: A Small Medium at Large.

DEXTER (his humans are Carol and Charlie)

Dexter adores his humans Carol and Charlie. He always joyfully performs his greeting duties for all visiting musicians and playmates too.

Tammy can count on her fluffy companion to supervise all of her artistic creations. Suki even adds her own flamboyant touches to the work when Tam isn't watching. You will meet Suki in book 4: A Small Medium at Large.

Snuggly and unBEARably sweet-natured is this pooch who enjoys the antics of her humans Chrissy and Lisa. Having a large new property to explore and building projects to oversee keeps Teddi busy every day. You will meet Teddi in book 3: Journey to Sniff Uranus.

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