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Welcome to Brothbone and McSmelly!

Hello friends! Welcome to the world of Brothbone and McSmelly, where you'll rarely see or hear anything that's not silly or funny. This is a place to play. We play with language, your animals can play in the stories (see our Facebook page). We all enjoy the funny antics of the animals in our lives, although here they're given a human twist (i.e. they are not really under-the-covers spies!) OR ARE THEY?!!

We do this because we love animals, love to laugh, love art and want to share our joy with the world. Please enjoy what is on offer here and if you do, then subscribe to receive updates about new stuff....I'm off to make PONKAMIX* for the dogs.

Louise author Brothbone and McSmelly

* Ponkamix: a name of endearment for dogs is to call them "ponkas". We cook up lovely dinners for them; rice, veges, pasta, as well as raw foods. So, whatever we make for them is called their "Ponkamix" and they love it!

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