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CHINA ~ a nice place to live if you know how!

Would you survive alone in a foreign culture without a guide? This question may seem silly… but say you'd spent all your life in Australia and you’d never been to China, just as an example, and you suddenly had to live there without any guidance. I know I’d at least accidentally offend someone and potentially end up in trouble. But this is a bit like what it is like for dogs knowing how to fit into the human-made environment.

To state the obvious, dogs are not human but we ask them to behave acceptably in a human environment. I know dogs have lived with humans for 1000s of years now and we’ve evolved together, however the pace of change of how we humans live, plan towns and cities, how our values change, for example, what we’d allow our children to do around dogs etc. keep changing and of course vary from family to family. How are our dogs going to negotiate all this and behave in acceptable ways if (s)he has no guidance in this foreign land, or worse still, conflicting guidance? YOU are your dog’s guide. Knowing that you know what to do and how to stay safe is a comfort to your dog as (s)he looks to you for that guidance. If you offer no guidance your dog will make it up herself and may behave in unacceptable ways.

This is why I train my dogs; so they are safe, we are safe and we can all live harmoniously together. It is about getting to know each other too.

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