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Meeting their needs

DISCLAIMER: We do not claim here or anywhere on our website to be animal experts. We are simply sharing what we do with our pets and the animals we live with and who live near us and why we believe in what we do.

TREASURE HUNT: Dogs see the world FIRST through their noses! We tend to use our sight first, but their dominant sense is smell. So we try to give our dogs as many opportunities to sniff out interesting smells and to use their noses to find food and us! Treasure hunt: is what we call it when we scatter our dogs' food all over the yard, into every corner and allow them to feed themselves by sniffing it out. This can provide them with an hour or so of natural food scavenging behaviour. You can use kibble, meaty pieces, flick canned tuna off a fork or even penne pasta.

WALKS: it is great to walk them in new places often, rather than taking the same route every day. You may have a number of different walks to take them on that you can rotate based on weather conditions and your energy level too! It is amazing how tired your dog can be after a good “sniffy walk” because it engages the mind. We tend to break our walks up into "types" to elicit natural behaviours: 1) sniffy walks where there are lots of interesting smells, 2) "migration" walks where dog is on-lead and I just walk at a steady pace with them following and dog is not allowed to stop and sniff until I say, this engages her need to follow the leader. Finally we do running and playing walks where the dogs are mostly off lead and chasing rabbits or frolicking in the sea or chasing a ball etc. This is the high physical exercise one.

FOOD PREPARATION = PONKAMIX! – I enjoy making my dogs’ food, I put love in too! I just chop up veges, mostly root veges like potato, sweet potato, carrots but also pumpkin, beans and I add rice or pasta. They also have meat mixed in – I am almost vegetarian myself – I do eat seafood but no other meat, but I have to buy meat for my dogs so I go to our local farmer’s market and talk to the farmers about their farming methods and to other people who know them to ensure I am supporting as humane and sustainable meat production as I can. I buy lean meat, skirt steak is one of the cheaper cuts yet is nice and lean. Raw chicken necks are great too. Check your dog chews them up and doesn’t just try to swallow them whole; they can be a choking hazard if your dog doesn’t chew first. Our dogs get a fresh bone about once a week; brisket or chuck bones are good.

FEEDING CATS = Unlike dogs, who are both scavengers and hunters, cats are purely hunters and so their food has to resemble something they've freshly killed. So freshness is key for cats to be interested. Cats are carnivores whereas dogs are omnivores. We feed our cats free range chicken both raw and cooked, raw skirt steak, raw fish (you can buy frozen packs of fillets from the supermarket) and some commercial cat foods including dry biccies. If we feed ours kangaroo they go nuts for it i.e. love it, but then they won't eat anything else so they rarely if ever get roo. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif][if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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