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No Ego just Animal

Our “training tips” are not going to be just about “training” your dog to do things or not do things you want them to. If we approach a relationship with our dog like that we are not seeing the whole picture. First we need to understand our are dogs animals who still have wild instinctual needs that must be met for them to feel well and be balanced. Unlike humans they don't have ego, so self-esteem, being right in opinions and proving themselves to the world has no place in their reality. They are very different from us.

These tips will include ways we can meet dogs’ needs even though we’ve asked them to live within the human-made environment and to fit in with what can sometimes be our fairly hectic human lives. We even forget we are animals and have animal needs too!

Sometimes we can think if we cuddle our dogs and buy them pretty collars and feed them treats and they have a big back yard then we’re loving them and they should be ok. But really a lot of our own behaviour with our dogs is about meeting our own needs for companionship, fun and emotional comfort. Of course some of that meets their needs too, but not all of their needs, so see the subsequent "training tips" entries in this blog for some things we do with our dogs that ensure we meet their dog needs and give them as many opportunities to exercise their natural behaviours within the confines of a human-made set of conditions.

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