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Due to the failure of their last mission, Liza tries to earn her living as a Fortune Teller and becomes a small medium on the run!

Liza is thrilled she has lost so much weight in outer space, but she screws this one up royally - watch out for the Dog Star!

Funny hand drawn cartoons of our pets and yours, the Tails of Brothbone and McSmelly are quirky, silly and fun stories designed purely for enjoyment. Low prices per book means everyone can follow what is going on at Canines Investigating Arseholes; the CIA, where under-the-covers agents Brothbone and McSmelly are working to protect the international dog Scent Messaging System (SMS) from human infiltration.

Professor Alfie Doo gets all his metaphors muddled up. See if you can work out WTF he is trying to say!

Brothbone and McSmelly: MIXED METAPAWS Title Page

Meet Darcy Brothbone and Liza McSmelly and a host of other characters in book 1.

Brothbone and McSmelly: JOURNEY TO SNIFF URANUS Title Page

Darcy and Liza go into deepest darkest Africa to save the Scent Messaging System (SMS) from destruction!

Brothbone and McSmelly: A SMALL MEDIUM at LARGE Title Page
Brothbone and McSmelly: SOMETHING SPHYNX! Title Page


Our sleuths visit Egypt to decipher the secret coded higher sniffics but the message is not what dogs want to hear!

Brothbone and McSmelly: DOGtor LivingBONE I Presume? Title Page




Our sleuths go back in time to WW2 where Alan Chewing is trying to thwart the development of the Instinkta decipher machine which threatens to decode the canine Scent Messaging System enabling humans to understand the secret lives of dogs!

Kennel Sanders has discovered that this ancient illuminated text was actually written by animals! Brothbone and McSmelly go back in their time machine; the Turdis to investigate whether The Book of Kells is indeed a Book of Smells.

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